Safe Limousine LLC is for sale and not currently operating.  Serious buyers please use Messenger to facebook/safelimo

RESERVATION: All reservations require a signed and dated contract. Reservations can only be made by someone who is 21 years of age or older.

PAYMENT: Full payment is due 14 days in advance of the date of service. Unless reservation is made less than 30 days of the date of service, in this case payment is due immediately.  Payment can be made by cash, check, credit card or Pay Pal. It is your responsibility to make proper payment on time. A $40.00 service charge will be accessed if payment is not received per terms stated above. If the limousine is required to travel on dirt or gravel roads or and excess amount of dirt or mud is tracked into the limo you will be charged $20.00 to clean the limousine.

Additional Charges may apply as a result of the following: > Smoking or drugs of any kind in the limousines. > Having more people in the limousine than stated on contract. > Any items missing, misused or broken inside or outside the limousine. > If the charter goes over the booked time.  > For extra clean up, such as something spilled inside or on the outside of the limousine. > Vomiting inside or on the outside of the limousine. > Body Glitter or other small lose items that cause extra clean up.

ADDITIONAL RESPONSIBILITY: You accept total responsibility for yourself and fellow passengers during this charter and agree to compensate the owner for any damages or additional time in full.  If you are reserving the limousine for someone else, it is your responsibility to inform these people of the terms and conditions.

ALCOHOL: It is legal to have alcohol inside the limousine as long as all passengers are at least 21 years old. Should any person of legal drinking age bring alcohol into the limousine, be advised that each individual is liable for themselves in the event the limousine is stopped by law enforcement officials. Minors, regardless of parental consent, shall not be allowed to bring or consume alcohol in or around the limousine.   Should there be minors in the limousine there will be no alcohol allowed in the limousine.  No coolers will be allowed inside the limousine.  There are compartments inside the limousine you can use. Any fines assessed to the Chauffeur are the responsibility of the lesser.

VOMITING: Should anyone in your party vomit inside or on the outside of the limousine, the chauffeur shall collect an additional $200.00 for cleaning and fumigation purposes.

TERMINATION OF CHARTER: The chauffeur may terminate the balance of any charter due to misbehavior that may cause damage to the limousine or passengers or any violation of this agreement.  There is no refund due for any terminated charter.

CAPACITIES: Our limousine has a rated person capacities that are stated on the contract.  This capacity is based on  average size people, if you have larger people in your party you will need to compensate people for room.

CANCELLATIONS: Prior to 30 days of date reserved you will receive a 75% refund of total amount due. Less than 30 days prior to date reserved there will be no refund of any payment.